(Frequently Asked Questions)

What is virgin donor hair?


Virgin donor hair is unprocessed human hair which is collected from a single person. It is hair that has not been damaged by perms, dye, or bleach. We only use premium virgin donor Malaysian hair. This is the highest grade of human hair. 


What is remy hair?


Remy hair is collected in a manner that keeps all of the strands in one direction from root to tip. Remy hair extensions are stronger, healthier and tangle free as compared to none-remy hair. This hair may have undergone a process for texture. This hair can be used for multiple installations.

What is none-remy hair?

This hair should be avoided for it is considered waste hair or fallen hair. It is collected from combs, brushes or the floor. The hair cuticle layers are facing in different directions so it will tangle, even after it is dipped in acid and then coated with silicone. This hair is frequently what is sold in beauty supply stores. This hair will quickly tangle, matt and have to be discarded. 


What is the cuticle layer of hair?

A hair strand has an outer layer of overlapping, transparent, protective scale-like cells which protect the inner structure of the hair. Processing the hair with chemicals or mixing the direction of the hair strands will cause these scales to raise away from the hair strand and lead to tangles and matting. 


Why is double drawn hair better than single drawn?

Single drawn hair will have different lengths of hair of hair sewn into a weft. So if you purchased 18" length hair, some strands will be as short as 14". This is a very unattractive weft style. Double drawn hair will have the shorter hair strands removed so that all of the hair strands are very close to the same length. Double drawn hair will provide a beautiful healthy looking weft. We only use virgin donor double drawn hair.


Will the hair look natural?                                                                        


Yes, it will look natural because it is 100% natural virgin Malaysian Remy human hair. If you don't tell, we won't.

Will the hair look exactly like the hair in the picture?                                      


The picture is to give an idea of our hair's texture. There will be slight variations between the hair you receive and the hair featured in the photo. There will be slight variations in color and texture between each bundle, for they each are from a different donor.

What is a machine made weft?                                                                          


Machine made wefts are the most commonly made weft style. These wefts are made with a sewing machine and have been reinforced multiple times for durability. This style of weft can be cut for installation. Machine wefts are durable and do not have to be sealed, but to prolong the life of the weft it is recommended. Never sew through the weft during installation, for the weft can be damaged which will lead to shedding. Attach the weft with a looping or wrap-around stitch

What is a closure?                                                              


A closure is a hair piece is designed with a silk or Swiss lace base to enhance the finished look of your weave. It will allow you to part your hair any way you choose with ease and confidence. It is commonly attached to a cornrow base by sewing around the perimeter. You can also use wig clips to attach the piece in place. Our closures also have a lace front, for those who would like to use lace front adhesives.

What is a frontal?                                                                        

A frontal is a hair piece is designed with a silk or Swiss lace base to enhance the finished look of your weave. If is wonderful for persons with a thin hairline, for it will create a new hairline from ear to ear. You will be able to part your hair any way you choose with ease and confidence. It is commonly attached to a cornrow base by sewing around the perimeter.Wig clips can also be used for attachment.  Our frontals also have a lace front, for those who would like to use lace front adhesives.

How is the hair length measured?                                                        

Our straight hair is measured in its natural state, whereas, the wavy or curly hair is measured when stretched.You may want to add 4-6 inches when ordering a curly or wavy texture. Keep in mind your size and frame when deciding on a length. An 18" weave will fall longer on a person 5' 2" as opposed to a person 5' 11".

How do I choose a hair color?                                                               

Our hair is only available in its natural virgin shade, which is a blend of near black and darkest brown.


Can the hair be dyed?                                                                                

All of our hair products can be colored or lightened. We highly recommend a color preview test on a swatch of hair to see how your new color will look.


How much hair is needed for a weave?                                                 


The amount of hair required depends on the look you want. Here is a simplified guide:
Full head sew in weave: Hair 10" to 16" long
4 ounces = A half head of extensions (to add body or length)
8 ounces = A full head of extensions
6 - 8 ounces = A full head of extensions with a closure piece or frontal piece.
Full head sew in weave: Hair 18" to 24" long
8 ounces = A half head of extensions (to add body or length)
12 ounces = A full head of extensions
10 - 12 ounces A full head of extensions with a closure piece or frontal piece


#of Bundles




2 to 3


2 to 3


2 to 3


2 to 3


2 to 3


2 to 3


3 to 4


3 to 4


3 to 4


3 to 4


4 to 5


4 to 5


4 to 5


4 to 5


What forms of payment are accepted?                                                     


We accept American Express, Discover, Master Card, Visa and Personal Checks as processed via PayPal.

How long does it take before an order is shipped and received?                                             


Upon confirmation of a cleared payment, orders are processed within four business days. Orders are then shipped with an estimated delivery time of 3 - 4 business days for priority and  1 - 2 business days for express. 

How are orders shipped?

All orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail, with signature confirmation and full value postal insurance. Orders can also ship USPS Express Mail for an additional fee. 

Where can orders be shipped?                                                                      

We only ship to PayPal confirmed addresses. A confirmed address is one that has been established by PayPal as belonging to the PayPal account holder. In most cases, when a buyer’s credit card billing and shipping addresses are the same, the address is considered confirmed.

What happens if an item I order is sold out?                                      

Occasionally a tremendous demand will deplete our stock of a particular product.We reserve the right to partially fill orders that contain out of stock products. We will provide a refund for any item that is not fulfilled. We will contact a client with information on out of stock items at time of refund.


Shipping Issues

Please order far enough in advance to allow for any delivery delays.  We are not responsible for any carrier delays due to holidays or weather conditions.  We rely on UPS to deliver your order on time.  We do not offer reimbursements for delayed shipments.  Please feel free to email us at, if you need any more information.


Refused Shipments/Failed Deliveries/Incorrect Shipping Addresses


Please make sure you give us the complete correct address (i.e. apartment or suite numbers) for your order so UPS can deliver your package without any problems.  You will be charged additional fees for address changes or rerouting.If you refuse or are unavailable to sign for your package and it is returned to us, you will be charged the additional return shipping cost.

Lost and Stolen Orders

If your order is lost or stolen we CAN send replacement hair out at your cost and then if we receive claim money from UPS for a first order we will refund your card in full (this takes three/five weeks).  Replacement hair must go signature required.




Return/ Refund Policy

You my exchange any unopened merchandise in its original condition,
including original packaging within 7 days of receipt and you will
receive a full exchange. Any shipping cost that you incur to return a product to us will not be refunded. To put forward an exchange request 
please email us at 

After 7 days, all sales are nonrefundable and final. 

We require the following information to process your exchange:

Note: Your return will not be processed if you do not provide all required information;
in addition, any exchange is subject to availability:

Receipt numbers
Your full name and address
Phone number
Email address
The reason for returning the merchandise

Please note: Human hair extensions are considered a hygienic product. WE take matters of hygiene and public safety seriously and do not allow used items to be returned for the safety of all of our customers